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The danger of refined sugar (and what should be in your drink instead)

The danger of refined sugar (and what should be in your drink instead)

One of the first things we learn as children is that our parents limited the amount of sugar we had.

Whether it was to keep us healthy or just to avoid that dreaded period of hyperactivity know as the sugar rush is all up for debate. We’re thinking a little bit of both.

Regardless of why we weren’t allowed to have that Hershey bar before bed, the dangers of refined sugar have always been present.

What is refined sugar?

Refined sugar is defined as sugar that isn’t bound to a natural fiber and has gone through a chemical process that removes the beneficial nutrients found in some sugars.

The two most common examples of refined sugar that we see are basic white and brown table sugars.

What problems can it cause?

Overloading on sugar is known to contribute to a number health problems including the following:

Diabetes - Eating too much refined sugar can lead to inflammation, blood sugar instability and even type 2 diabetes. The free sugars simply override your body’s natural process and leaves you vulnerable to life altering disease.

pH Balance - Too much sugar on a daily basis alters the internal pH levels resulting in an overly acidic body which increases your chance for disease. The body takes from its mineral stores to correct this which can lead to permanent damage such as osteoarthritis.

Weight Gain - When the body can no longer keep up with the rapid processing pace of refined sugars, it does the only thing it can do. It becomes stored fat. No one wants that.

Increased Blood Pressure - Too much refined sugar will undoubtedly raise your blood pressure and can cause hypertension. It’s important for folks with a family history of heart disease to avoid more than a 10% caloric intake of sugar per day to avoid risk of cardiac disease and stroke.

If not refined sugar, then what?

Here at Herbal Mist, we sweeten all of our products with 100% organic pure cane sugar. We see it as unquestionably the best substitute for white sugar. Think of it as very similar to unrefined sugar minus the cancer-causing agents and environmentally damaging pesticides known to be used in the farming of conventionally grown sugar cane.

It contains over 25 different amino acids, minerals and vitamins including some that reverse oxidative damage. These remaining nutrients that are normally stripped out in the refunding process can make a huge difference.

The taste is considerably better as well and can be viewed as a more level and full-bodied taste.

The American Heart Association recommends that men do not exceed a daily limit of 9 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Keep in mind that all sugars good and bad can cause harm if you overindulge. It’s important that we view sugar as a fuel for the body, but not the ONLY fuel. Moderation is key.


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