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Yerba Mate: 5 reasons we brew our tea with this superfood (and why you should try it!)

Yerba Mate: 5 reasons we brew our tea with this superfood (and why you should try it!)

1: Yerba Mate is better than coffee and energy drinks

Our delicious yerba mate Herbal Mist tea gives consumers the same benefits like an energy boost and alertness, but without all of the jitters and trouble sleeping that your next cup of coffee could cause you.

The energy boost you will feel can be described and “clean” and it won’t make you crash like some of those sugary energy drinks you’ll find at the market. Best of all, the explosion of vitality you get from the yerba mate in Herbal Mist is 100% natural and non-addictive.

2: It’s Filled With Antioxidants

When you consume yerba mate, the benefits you feel in your body from the antioxidants will have you feeling like a new person thanks to phytochemicals like polyphenols, chlorogenic acid and caffeoyl derivatives.

Studies suggest that mate extract may reduce oxidative stress that can cause damage to the heart and liver. Mate can also help keep nitrosative stress at bay protecting you from DNA damage, cell death and lipid peroxidation.

When compared to the ever-popular green tea, yerba mate has actually proven to be more effective in preventing cytotoxicity allowing more regular blood flow to the heart, which in turn reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

3: It Enhances Mood and Memory

Yerba Mate contains caffeine and two other related compounds, theophylline and theobromine. This trio of alkaloids combine to create a mild stimulant effect similar to green tea, making consumers more motivated, productive and relieved of stress by triggering the production of dopamine.

Yerba Mate is such a brain booster that world-renowned author and self-help guru Tim Ferriss has gone on record calling it “Rocket fuel for the brain.” Ferriss and many others have made the shift from coffee to Yerba Mate-based teas because of the more level and tapered effects they recieve, which in turn keeps them feeling better for a longer period of time.

4: It Can Help You Lose Weight:

Increased fat oxidation, and slowing of gastric emptying are the main components behind the weight-loss properties found in Yerba Mate. Consumers can experience an acceleration in their metabolism which improves passive fat-burning.

Yerba Mate has been proven to curve craving and leave consumers with a feeling of satiety. Combine the snack-stopping effects with the energy boost in Yerba Mate and you’ve got the perfect recipe to improve your health. To put it simply, Yerba Mate will help get you through that workout and halt those regrettable cheat-meals. It’s the perfect aid for your healthy lifestyle.

5: Yerba Mate promotes healthy digestion and immune systems

One of the traditional Yerba Mate benefits is treatment for constipation, diarrhea and indigestion. It’s natural chemical composition is antibacterial against E. coli and is also useful in taking down intestinal parasites. Yerba Mate also helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections, and kidney stones thanks to the compound called saponins.

The saponins are useful for boosting consumers’ immune systems due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well.


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